" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer: Susheela Abhyankar
Publisher : Archana Prakashan , Bhopal
First Edition : 2000
Pages : 24
Price : Rs. 6

This booklet is an attempt to expose how Britishers had distorted the history of Ancient India. Undoubtedly, Pro-British Indians contributed in their mollified task. Contemporary civilizations of Rome , Greece, etc. destroyed but Indian civilization is still surviving against all odds. Historians showed continuous defeat of Indians by Huns, Kushans, Muslims and Britishers,etc. but never emphasized their indefatigable power of resistence and struggle. Pity is that, even after independence, we never tried to rewrite and glorify our past by amending history with true incidents. It is emblem of our bravery that we are still surviving even after numerous attacks. Though some of our enemies went back after plundering wealth but those who stayed assimilated in our culture. Till 315 B.C. to 1947 , India faced subversion and dominance of foreign hands many times but always struggled fiercely several times to get rid of dependence and never became despondent. Instead of neglecting our past faults we should try to invigorate our glorious past as a sign of defiance for our future.


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