" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer: T. P. Rahi
Publisher: Dalit Samveg Prakashan
First Edition: 1997
Pages: 29
Price : Rs. 10

This booklet is trying to express how Dalit community is becoming more aware of their oppression and making it their strength to assert themselves. Harkhuwa is well-educated and well-established in politics , who might have heightened the sense of frustration among Manuvadins. It were Manuvadins who created exclusionary caste system to inflict atrocities upon dalits. Women were equally deserted by all groups. Deliberately ignored by Manuvadins , Dalit heroes has always been kept on periphery. But it would be illogical to be pessimistic about their future progress. On the contrary , by accepting Buddhist and Ambedkarian norms and values , they are getting an emanicipatory potential , in spite of ideological misinterpretation and contradictions. They are trying to overthrow Brahminical hegemony to establish an equalitarian society. By naming educational institutes and other public places on the name of dalit leaders and reformers they are trying to invigorate a new consciousness among dalits for constructing a hopeful future.


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