" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


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Chandpuri described Gandhi’s movement as first freedom struggle aimed to strengthen Brahmanism. Whereas the second freedom struggle by newly awakened oppressed groups against irrationally designed and operational superiority of Brahmins. To throw out this culture, struggle should be lead by the outcaste people , in a non-violent manner. Instead of becoming mere commodity for exploitation, they should now integrate to fight for their rights. They should get participation in every realm, either legislature, executive or judiciary. They should not deviate from their vision , in the name of social justice and social rewards. Pro-dalit politics is only a slogan to neutralize the potentiality of their movement. But these malified tricks made them more aware of their oppression and given them a new strength to assert themselves. Their restrained democratic and egalitarian potential resulted in discontent and gave rise to a movement for establishing the humanistic world- culture.


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