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More Bazaar

Booklet: More Bazaar
Author: Dev Kumar
Publication: Prabhu Prakashan, Kanpur
Edition: 1st – 1993
Price: Rs.03.00
Pages: 16

The writer belongs to the Bhangi Community of sweepers, considered to be lowest in the hierarchy of Dalit communities. He explains the word Bhangi as ‘Bhang’ meaning one that is broken, that has no identity. Government Municipalities often recruit these people as Jamadar and Mehtar. He analyses these terms for their clear connotations. Jamadar is Jama+Dar, where Jama denotes collect and Dar means the one who keeps. Mehtar means Meh+tar, where Meh denotes dirt and Tar means drenched. It means one who is drenched in dirt. More Bazaar, he says, is a place where the community does their work of cleaning and sweeping. The writer appeals to his community, particularly the youth, to arouse consciousness within them. He asks them to educate themselves instead of seeking just municipality jobs. They are so engrossed in their occupation that doing any other job is humiliating. Various social evils, such as drinking, gambling and eating meat, etc, jeopardize their progress, taking them thousands of years back. Today the time is ripe for change and one must be prepared for it.


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