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Ravan Nahein Tathagat

Booklet: Ravan Nahein Tathagat
(Not Ravan but Tathagat)
Author: Moti Ram Shashi
Publisher: Janseva Charitable Trust, Lucknow
Second Edition: 2004
Pages: 91
Price: Rs. 20/-

Hinduism is based on fabricated myths created, disseminated and popularized by Brahmins. In this religion, unlike Buddhism, existence of five elements is mentioned. In Buddhism, one finds only four elements operational in the universe and affecting human personality. In fact, the fifth element i.e. Aakash (Sky) or Zero provided them space to develop theories of reincarnation. Similarly, all the characteristics attributed to Krishna, have been borrowed from Judaism where Mosses has similar character. The Lanka of Ram exists nowhere. All archaeological efforts to locate it have failed. The fact is that Ram was created to deracinate Buddhism and Buddha. Existence of Ayodhya as depicted in scriptures is not found anywhere. Ravan was none but Buddha. He is shown to be a renunciant and approaches Sita in Bhikshu robe. Abundant are references which prove that Tathagat was presented as Ravana to re-establish Hinduism that had been foiled after Buddhism flourished.


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