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Nagpur ka Dhammaupdesh

Booklet: Nagpur ka Dhammaupdesh Speech delivered
by Bhimrao Ambedkar on 15/10/1956
Publisher: Bhartiya Bauddha Mahasabha, Delhi
Edition: Not mentioned
Pages: 20
Price: Rs.05.00

This booklet contains Ambedkar’s discourse on religion, delivered in Nagpur, a day after he became a Buddhist. The choice of Nagpur for such a discourse says Ambedkar was obvious for as the credit for popularizing and disseminating Buddhism in India goes to the Nag community of Nagpur. He is critical of the media for misinterpretation of his conversion. The media discovered charlatanism in his conversation, a step deviating people towards wrong path. Ambedkar used the occasion to educate the newly converts into the lessons of abandoning certain inhabited habits which were humiliating and also advised them to overcome various psychological complexes injected by past as untouchables. He was empathic in his criticism of Hinduism for its role in cultural castigation of depressed communities and also in his eulogy and preference for Buddhism vis-à-vis Hinduism.


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