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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Main Bauddha Kyon Hoon

Booklet: Main Bauddha Kyon Hoon
Author: Anagarik B. Govind
Publisher: Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
Edition: 1st – 1957 and 4th – 2005
Price: Rs.05.00
Pages: 16

The booklet is a small narration of the effects of Buddhism and the personality of Buddha which inspired the author to embrace Buddhism. Buddha never claimed himself to be above others. He believed in the concept of tolerance and courageously invited criticism on his teachings. He had no fear of science either, since his teachings were based on logic. Buddhism does not according to the author, mark hollow promises of heaven and liberation nor does it inculcate any fear of hell. Thus it is a negation of various kinds of ostentations. Further Buddhism exalts the individuals to a plane where he has to be his own teacher and he alone is responsible for his actions. On account of its rational approach individualism and scientific mode of contemplation, Buddhism may one day become universal religion as the truth explained by it are like mathematical axioms and hence likely to encapsulate the people of entire world.


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