" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : Dr. Dharmakirti
Publisher : Samyak Prakashan
First Edition: 2002
Pages : 136
Price : Rs.70

The booklet aims to answer certain basic questions related to Buddha , Buddhism , its role in Indian democracy, dalit uplift , human rights other metaphysical question such as existence of soul, rebirth and concept of God. In Buddhism cause of birth is ignorance and not transmigration of soul . Enlightenment is obtained through ceaseless efforts not by incarnation of Vishnu in various eons. Non-violence is not passivity but vertical progress, which is scientifically and psychologically verifiable ; thus essential and existential departure from Hinduism. In contemporary times, Ambedkar was a personification of Buddhist enlightenment. As regards decline of Buddhism , it was on account of constiporial Hinduism and Muslim invasions and not on account of moral profligacy. In modern times, human rights, democracy, social equality , etc. can be realized only through Buddhism and not through other religion and ideologies like Marxism and Gandhism or Arya-Samaj which , in fact, is an attempt for revivification of dying Hinduism.


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