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Mahan Dhamma Doot

Booklet: Mahan Dhamma Doot
Author: Bhikshu Gyanratna
Pub: Buddha Vihar Prabandhak Samiti, Agra
Edition: First- 1992
Price: Rs.5/-
Pgs.: 56

The booklet is a simply written popular story telling on the life and work of great Buddhist scholars who spread Buddhism in various parts of the world. Fahiyen, Ashvaghosh, and Mahendra’s services to Buddhism have been narrated. Fahiyen, a Chinese traveler, embraced Buddhism, traveled all over India to collect materials on Buddhism and also observed its mode of operation. Ashvaghosh, born in modern day Madhya Pradesh, was originally a Jain, who embraced Buddhism and held scholarly debates with his contemporaries in different parts of the country. He made certain modifications, in the Buddhist practices and wrote Buddhacharita, a magnum opus on Buddha’s life. Mahendra, son of king Ashoka, with his sister Sanghamitra, not only embraced Dhamma of Buddha but spread it in many other Asian countries.


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