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Bauddh aur Brahman

Booklet: Bauddh aur Brahman
Author: Rameshwar Pawan
Pub: Lakshya Sandhan, Bahraich
First Edition: 1998
Price: Rs. 15/-
Pgs.: 60

Brahmanism is based on Varna system, embedded with inequalities. On the contrary, Buddhism has its origin in deprivation and sufferings of all the beings. The contentious relationship between the two religions has been a running theme in history. Brahmanism has always attempted to dislodge Buddhism, a religion that has produced such great personalities as Bimbisar, Ajatsatru, Jeevak and Prasenjeet , besides dynasties of Nandas, Guptas, Maurayas, and Licchvi, Bali, Jatayu, Hanuman are parts of this tradition who have been appropriated into the Hindu fold by meticulous Brahmins. Buddhist rulers are found in the history of Nepal also. First major Brahmanical massacre of Buddhists was perpetrated by Pushyamitra Sunga. Thereafter, Brahmins by joining Buddhists became a subterranean layer in it, finally turning topsy-turvy the whole notion of equality and compassion. Thus, it was due to Brahmanical manipulations that Buddhism lost much of its grandeur and glory, but the existence of two cultural traditions exclusive of each other is indisputable.


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