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Vishwa Ka Sachha Dharam (True Religion of the World)

Booklet: Vishwa Ka Sachha Dharam (True Religion of the World)
Author: Dhammalok Mahasthivar
Publication: Periyar Lalaisingh Chandrika Trust, Kanpur
Edition: 1988
Price: Rs. 5/-
Pages: 72

Of the four religions in the world, namely, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, only the first could reach its apogee due to its philosophical transparency and cohesion. In Christianity, everything is divinely ordained. It denigrates human will. In Islam, Muhammad claims himself to be last prophet of God, which neither proves his prophethood or the existence of God. Krishna declared himself God, which is ridiculous. Buddha never uttered unverifiable sermons and preached without linguistic jugglery and miracles. He talked of sorrow and means for its cessation. Religions and castes divide, but Buddha united the high and low, the privileged and deprived. No religion with social inequality can claimto be perennial. Prayers, ideology, priestly mediations, god, soul are all illusions. Everyone has to liberate oneself by abstaining from violence, infatuation and attachment. Buddhism, thus, is a religion of love and labour without God, his incarnations, prophets and son; hence, it’s the best among all the existing religions in the world.


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