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Viddhartiyao Ke Liye Buddh Dhumm (Buddh Dhumm for Students)

Booklet: Viddhartiyao Ke Liye Buddh Dhumm (Buddh Dhumm for Students)
Author: Bikshu Buddhadas
Publication: Anand Sahitya Sadan, Aligarh
Edition: 1st2000
Price: Rs. 10/-
Pages: 32

Attempt in booklet is to inculcate in students basic tenets of Buddhism by asking questions and providing correct answers. Buddha preached about sorrow and man’semancipation, rejecting sin to accept morality, purity of mind, adopting middle path for overcoming sorrow. Focus should be on individual functioning of six sense organs- eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin, and mind. Only a mentally active person can incorporate these principles. Religion should be used as a medium to realize ends. Freedom from worldly desires and affairs is eternity. Ideal religion is transcendental philosophy (Shuniya), explaining life and death. True Buddhism demands transcendence of the material world. By adopting the eight-fold path, desires, aniksha, maya, can be overcome. Teachings of Buddha need to be assessed on the basis of truth (suth) and discipline (vinay). Today people are treading the wrong path. Adherence to these principles can make ideal humans.


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