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Mahana Dharma Doot, Dusra Bhag (Great Religious Ambassador, Second Part)

Booklet: Mahana Dharma Doot, Dusra Bhag (Great Religious Ambassador, Second Part)
Author: Bhiksha Gyanratna
Publication: Buddha Vihar Prabandh Samiti, Agra
Edition: 1st 1994
Price: Rs. 8/-
Pages: 58

The booklet, consisting of small biographical description of five modern Buddhist scholars, reveals their quest for popularizing the philosophy of Buddha both within and outside the country. Dhammapal travelled many countries of the East and West and established academic institutions in different cities of India for research and dissemination of knowledge. With no formal education, he had thorough knowledge of seven languages and authored many books. Rahul Sanskrityan was another great scholar in the same field. With knowledge of more than fifty languages, he travelled a vast part of the world and brought rich Buddhist literature from Tibet and authored many books. Anand Kausalyayan translated Jatak stories in Hindi in order to make Buddhism spread among the Hindi speaking people. All these scholars espoused the cause of Buddhism and they occupy a significant place in the history of Buddhism.


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