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Hindi Vajrasuchi

Booklet: Hindi Vajrasuchi (……………………..)
Author: J.P.Kashyap
Publication: Samaj Sudharak Prakashan, Basti
Edition: 1st -2003
Price: Rs. 20/-
Pages: 80

This booklet is a Hindi translation of ‘Vajrasuchi’ in Sanskrit, written by Ashvagosha, who had a multifaceted personality. He was a poet, dramatist, philosopher, musician and social reformer. Buddhcharita and Saundarnanda form his poems (Mahakavya); Sariputra Prakaran and Rastriyapala, his dramas; Shrodhpaad, Sutralankara and Vajrasuchi, his philosophies. All carry the message of social equality and justice. In Vajrasuchi, emphasizing the Buddhist thoughts, principles, and logic, he vehemently attacks Varna system, holding it responsible for social inequalities and oppression. He conceived of a new society, devoid of caste and religious prejudices, but one based on equality and fraternity, allowing inter and intra caste marriages. Such arrangements will make India one of the most powerful nations in the world. If politicians and teachers of our nation pay attention to these, then an ideal society can soon be established.


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