" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dharmantar Maut Ya Zindagi

ooklet: Dharmantar Maut Ya Zindagi
Compilation: Guru Prasad Madan
Publication: Siddharth Prakashan, Allahabad.
Edition: 1985
Price: Rs.2.00
Pages: 24

Ambedkar once said, “I was born a Hindu which was beyond my control but would never die as a Hindu”. His views on religious conversions are based on comparisons drawn between Hinduism and Buddhism. He poses a question to himself, ‘why is there a need for religion and for whom’? To this he says that only man needs religion as he is the sole master of thinking ability, unlike animals. To keep one’s thought pure and pristine one needs Dharma. Conversion should not be viewed in isolation but needs to be seen in a social and religious perspective. To the question that what should come first, conversion or economic prosperity, he says conversion, as untouchability is the biggest stumbling block for any kind of development. To him Varna System and caste distinctions are the backbone of Hindu Dharma. Sympathy, equality and freedom the important aspect of any religion, has no basis here. He asks everyone to incorporate the ideals of Buddhism, the only Dharma based on equality. He asks the youth to decry the society that gives birth to social evils like untouchabiltiy.


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