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Buddha Jeevan Gatha (Narration of Buddha’s Life)

Booklet: Buddha Jeevan Gatha (Narration of Buddha’s Life)
Author: Bhikshu Gyanratna
Publication: Buddha Vihar Prabhand samiti, Agra
Edition: 3rd 1992; 1st 1985
Price: Rs. 7/-
Pages: 72

The booklet narrates in simple Hindi the life of Buddha and is modelled on the pattern of textbooks with questions at the end of each chapter. Buddha was a guide and not a person who talked of salvation or liberation which was dependent on one’s own action. With has love for poor females and courtesans, he proved the innate goodness in all human beings. A staunch opponent of wine, liquor, gambling, indolence, indulgence, he prescribed a mode of life for to all kinds of people. To him, man had in him a tremendous capacity to overcome his weakness. Putting man at the center of his religion, he made appeals that are universal and perennial.


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