" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Ambedkar aur Loktantra (Ambedkar and Democracy)

Booklet: Ambedkar aur Loktantra (Ambedkar and Democracy)
Author: Guru Prasad Madan
Publisher: Mahashay Bhikhulal, Siddharatha Prakashan, Ajuha, Allahabad
Edition: 1st – 1975, 2nd – 1981
Price: 0.50 Paise
Pages: 16

Ambedkar, the father of the Indian constitution, favoured democracy as against autocracy or rule by one. There have been different interpretations of democracy the world over. For Ambedkar democracy is that mode of Government which brings about revolutionary changes in social and economic life of the people without any bloodshed. It believes in dynamism as against the status quo, and undergoes constant change. There are certain prerequisites of successful democracy. Ambedkar underlines some of them as such as the spirit of equality, the need for a constructive opposition, equality of laws and governance, respect for age old conventions and moral standards, no atrocities on the minorities by the majority and conscious citizens who can keep the government in check. Ambedkar believed that political democracy without social democracy is meaningless. Social democracy helps in establishing a society based on equality, freedom and brotherhood. Skeptical about India’s future, he asked people to protect its freedom till the last drop of their blood and avoid ‘Hero Worship’ in politics.


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