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Buddha Pustika (Booklet on Buddha)

Booklet: Buddha Pustika (Booklet on Buddha)
Author: Rajkumar Itihaskar
Publication: Paasee Shodh Evam Sanskrit Sansthan, Lucknow
Edition: 1st 2005
Price: Rs. 60/-
Pages: 26

The booklet full of pictures contains historical and archaeological material related to the life of Buddha. Born in Lumbini forests, he came to be known as the ocean of compassion when he nursed a wounded swan, hit by his cousin Devdatta. The sight of various kinds of sufferings made him ponder over all possessions and pleasures. He renounced his kingdom at the age of 29 when his son Rahul was only six days old.He achieved enlightment when he was 35 and preached at Sarnath. He traveled a large part of north India, preaching the fleeting character of existence. He even invited his wife and son into the fold of his religion. He attained nirvana in 483 B.C. His statue, sculptured in the Gandharva mode, was demolished by the Taliban rulers. Some of his important idols, artistically designed are preserved in the Museum at Mathura.


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