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Jaativad ka Janaja

Booklet: Jaativad ka Janaja (The Bier of Casteism)
Author: Santi Ram ,BA
Publishers: Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
First Edition: 2006
Price: Rs.30/-
Pages: 52

Caste system in Hinduism is responsible for making the Indian society claustrophobic for a majority of population, thus sucking it off of its vitality and fecundity. Christian and Muslim societies, apparently divided are in fact unified but varna-system has deprived the Indian population of cultural nationalism. All festivals are either Brahmanical or are celebrated around persona of heroes of upper castes. Religion is an individual phenomenon and not a social creation. Caste based social system can be demolished if reservation is implemented for those, opting for inter-caste marriages. Further, no lesson related to caste should be taught in school or colleges. State should not mention caste of people in its documents. Special assistance should be provided to castes victims and caste-based identity should not be encouraged or recognized. Mass media should also play a nodal role in eliminating caste from the Indian soil.


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