" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Arya Sanskriti Ka Bhandaphor

Booklet: Arya Sanskriti Ka Bhandaphor(Exposition of Aryan Culture)
Author: B.R. Advocate
Publication: not mentioned
First Edition: 2001
Price: Rs.6.00
Pages: 16

The booklet tells the tragedy of brave original inhabitants dubbed as dalits in Indian history. It began with shudra king Bali who was deceived by a capricious Brahmin of all his positions and possessions. Second was Gandhi who went on fast unto death to prevent the origination of system of separate electorate beneficial for depressed classes in 1932. But this failed to erase names of great shudra rulers like Hiranyakashyapa, Prahalada, Virochana, Bali, Takshak Nag from the annals of history. Similarly, Nandas and Mauryan dynasties continue to cover a glorious space in human memory. Indian culture when compared with Shramana culture shows the superiority of later over the former as it was based on the principle primacy of quality of human action over birth. Dalits should take inspiration from personalities belonging to the Shraman tradition.


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