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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Aarakshan aur Hindu Mansikata

Booklet : Aarakshan aur Hindu Mansikta
(Reservation and Hindu Mentality)
Author : A. L. Uke
Publisher : Sagar Prakashan, Mainpuri
First Edition : 1995
Price : Rs. 40/-
Pages : 158

Various arguments are advanced against reservation policy for dalits by the government. Common among these are the charges that it dilutes the scope of forward movement of talented people and is against national interest and economic principles. Constitutionally, it is said to go against Article 14 of the Constitution, which stands for equality against discrimination that incompetence is promoted through reservation, is another argument. This psychology was most evident after implementation of the Mandal Commission Report, when many students belonging to the upper castes committed suicide and mass media operating under Brahmanical directives, represented it in a magnified manner. Marxists are also against reservation as they find it contrary to class struggle philosophy to which they adhere. However, statistical figures negate all these criticisms. Most of the dalits are in lowest category among state employees and with the growth of population their percentage of empowerment has come down vis a vis the upper castes. Atrocities on dalits have also increased. But the Brahmanical psyche has remained insensitive to these facts and figures and continues to oppose reservation policy of the state.


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