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Kya Yahee Hindu Dharam Hai

Booklet: Kya Yahee Hindu Dharam Hai
Author: Kamlakant Singh
Publication: Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar Shikshan evam Manav Vikas Seva Sansthan, Azamgarh
Price: Rs. 75/-
Pgs.: 180

Sudras in ancient period were Kshatriyas. They, being deprived of performance of yagnas, recitation of Gyatri mantra, putting on of scared thread and opportunity of repentance through Brahmanical conspiracy, were forced to move down in the social scale as Sudras. Many Kshatriya rulers were killed by Brahmins prominent among them being Purva, Nahus, Keertveerya, et al. every religion has a prophet but Hinduism lacks singularity in this context. When Kshtriya-turned-Shudras did not comply with Brahmins command to serve them, they created another section of Sudras divided into many parts. Brahmanical conspiracy is visible in dividing Scheduled Csates and Scheduled Tribes as separate groups although they are one. Hinduism allows even settlements in terms of caste so obvious in all parts of the country. They did everything to dismantle Ambedkar. Literature, said to be part of Vedas, are latter invention by Brahmins. The term ‘Hindu’ itself is pejorative in its real meaning. Social ascendance of Buddhism and concomitant descendance of Hinduism is obvious from violence by this community in recent years.


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