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Aajadee Kaa Andolan ya Arya- Brahmanon kee Varchaswata Ka Abhiyan

Booklet: Aajadee Kaa Andolan ya Arya- Brahmanon kee Varchaswata Ka Abhiyan
Author: Dr. Vivek Kumar
Pub: Kharpade Memorial Trust, Mumbai
Edition: Third- 2004;
First- 2002
Price: Rs.
Pgs.: 29

Aryans after invading India established Brahmanism to put to their use the original inhabitants. They invented various institutions and in order to retain these, books and symbols were produced thus established hegemony over them. Islam counterpoised a different social model before it but soon the two reciprocated to each other’s needs and thus there was no freedom struggle against them. When Britisher’s came, Congress was formed, initially to support its policies and the two had amicable relationship. The conflict between British regime and Congress was a consequence of steps taken to abolish certain Brahmanical institutions such as, sati system and provision of education for girls etc. Interests of Hindus and Muslims clashe,d, which took form of a conflict, resulting in war of Independence. With the arrival of Gandhi, Congress moved in the direction of protecting Brahmanism and this continued even after Independence. Ambedkar crusaded against it and developed constitutional mechanism for dismantling the hegemony. Developing an alterantive hegemony deriving its contents from Buddhism, and the woks of Phule and Ambredkar can complete this unfinished task.


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