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Videshi Arya- Brahmanbadiyan ke Sangathan Ko Nastanaboot Karane

Booklet : Videshi Arya- Brahmanbadiyan ke Sangathan Ko Nastanaboot
Karane – Dalit, Aadivaases, OBC tatha Alpashankhak Moolnivasi Jan Sangathano ka Samyukt Morcha Bane.
(Formation of a front for Demolition of Foreigner Aryan-Brahminical Organisation)
Authors : Sheetal Markan et al
Publisher : Sheetal Markan, Gondrano, Nagpur, Maharastha
Price : Rs. 5/- only
No. of Pages : 32

All political parties serve the purpose of RSS as they are predominately Brahmanical organizations. Such non-Brahminical personalities as Gautam Buddha, Guru Tegbahadur,Dr. Ambedkar was eliminated by these forces. Islam and Christianity are no less dangerous as they also serve the interests of Brahmins. Scholarships and other welfare schemes are merely manipulative mechanism of Brahmins to dilute the revolutionary consciousness in original inhabitants. Brahminical forces have limited reservation quota to fifty per cent only. Such a hinderance can be overcome only when original inhabitants are in power at the centre. All natural opponents of Manu’s ideology ought to come under of a single ideological umbrella. But to attain this, education is the basic need. Only then an effective organization can emerge for crusading against such a nefarious ideology. Story helps us in proper identification our friends and foes. The outcastes and their other co-supporters, instead of niggling and begging, should develop sufficient knowledge of history. This, history itself will supply required momentum for launching a protracted struggle against the followers of the philosophy of Manu.


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