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Hindu Sahitya Mein Varna Vaivastha Avom Jati Bhed

Booklet: Hindu Sahitya Mein Varna Vaivastha Avom Jati Bhed
Author: Bhadrasheel Rawat
Publication: Bhartiya Bauddha Mahasabha, Delhi
Edition: 1st: 2002
Price: Rs.10.00
Pages: 32

Hindu literature also known as the Aryan literature draws its source from ancient manuscript Rigveda. It was this very ancient scripture that was responsible for the birth of social evils like varna system. Multiple hymns in it contain the seeds of a divided social social system. Scriptures written, thereafter, further strengthened this evil. Shudras are deprived of their rights and privileges. However, these Manusmriti provide the most rigid and comprehensive theories of ill-treatment to the Shudras. Shudras, in disobeying upper castes, would be violating the conduct revealed by the Vedas, so it was told to them. Later literature like Ramcharitmanas also carried forward the same sociological notions. Dalits and women remained socially and economically stagnant. When Ambedkar faced such humiliation, he confronted such obscurantist notions. And finally, he abandoned Hinduism to embrace Buddhism which, according to him, was not logo-centric but reason-centric.


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