" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Ram Rajya Banam Shambook Vadh

Booklet: Ram Rajya Banam Shambook Vadh
Author: Buddha Sangh ‘Premi’
Publisher: Bhartiya Bouddha Mahasabha
Edition: 4th- 2001
Price: Rs.10.00
Pages: 32

The booklet, a compilation of songs and poems attempts to uncover the true character of the so called Lord Rama, the man of wisdom. The treacherous killing of Shambook speaks of the cruel nature of Ram’s character. Author very categorically mentions that the killing of Shambook was not a sudden event; this was a well planned conspiracy of the Brahmins to protect their social hegemony that was being challenged by a Shudra Muni Shambook. The author even alleges that the old Brahmins son was not dead but was only made subconscious to befool Ram and make him agree to kill Shambook. Shudra Muni was victimized for being a Shudra and who dared to recite sacred versus, which otherwise was the sole authority of the Brahmins. And by doing so he brought ill-fate in the kingdom of Ram, which resulted in the death of a young son of old Brahmin due to the drought conditions.


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