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The Riddles of Rama and Krishna

Booklet: The Riddles of Rama and Krishna
Author: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Publisher: Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
Edition: 1st – 1997 and 4th – 2006
Price: Rs.15.00
Pages: 31

Through this booklet Ambedkar questions the authenticity of so called Lord Rama and Krishna being worshiped as God by Hindus. He highlights numerous erroneous activities of Rama and Krishna that shakes people’s conscience to accept them as Lord. He quotes Valmiki Ramayana in which Ram’s cunning acts of killing Bali, Ravana and Shambook has been exposed. In all of these killings Ram has not shown honesty on any account. He exposes Ram’s and Krishna’s lust for women. Krishna has as many as 16108 wives and Ram too was never loyal to Sita and spends all his time in his harem among women. Ambedkar very categorically illustrates Krishna’s decisions during Mhabharata war and each one was guided by special mystical power and no real power of strength. And hence most of the men killed by Arjun was with the help Krishna or otherwise he could not have done it.


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