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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Bharat Mee Paradheenta Ka Karan Hindu aur unki Mansikta

Booklet: Bharat Mee Paradheenta Ka Karan Hindu aur unki Mansikta
Author: S.L.Sagar
Publisher: Sagar Prakashan, Mainpuri
Edition: First,1989
Price: Rs. 40/-
Pgs.: 136

Muslims and Christians subjugated Hindus, who were never tired of extolling their history of bravery, it was on account of their religion, casteism, incompetence, infighting, indulgence, and treachery with its own country. Hindus, deriving their world-view from their religion, developed a divided society, which affected their army also. Many Hindu kings were instrumental in inviting Ghori to attack India in order to protect their luxurious indulgent life. Their religion taught them to remain more alert from untouchables than protect the country from invasion. When Ghaznavi was destroying Somnath, Hindus were mute spectators. Only Kshtriyas with mere five percent populations had right to fight. Concupiscent rulers paid least attention and efforts to fortify their country. Taimur, Nadirshah plundered India on account of such social characters of Hindus. Chanragupta Maurya, a Buddhist, was first to consolidate Indians sovereignty but Brahmins didn’t allow his successors to flourish. The history of bravery in Hinduism is nothing but a construction of bards, full of superficial hyperbolic expressions.


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