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Hindu Samaj Rachna – Dalit Ki Kausuti Par

Booklet: Hindu Samaj Rachna – Dalit Ki Kausuti Par
Author: Sohan Lal Shastri
Publisher: Bhartiya Bauddha Mahasabha
Edition: 1st – 1969 and 4th – 2001
Price: Rs.15.00
Pages: 48

This booklet is an outburst at the unjust Hindu social arrangement that fragmented the society on the basis of the four varna system. The various social restrictions imposed on the fourth varna has been highlighted, which was done purposely to keep them subjugated. In contrast to Hinduism, other religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Christianity display homogeneity. Eventhough the constitution guarantees equality for all but to bent Hindu mindset in this framework is an impossible task. The position of women in Hinduism is not good either. However after the coming of Britisher’s it did improve substantially. Unlike other country and religion, India is resistant to change.


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