" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dharma ki Aad Mein

Booklet: Dharma ki Aad Mein
Author: Dr. Gaya Prasad Prashant
Publisher: Dr. Ambedkar Social Transformation Society of India, Lucknow
Edition: 1st 1940, 2nd 2003
Price: Rs.5.00
Pages: 8

The booklet, in poetic form questions people about their knowledge and understanding slavery. The poet projects the pitiable condition of Dalits in India, chained in slavery. Their pauperized conditions have reduced them to a status of non-existent entity. He exposes the treacherous acts of Aryans who after 1500 years of fighting were given the space and allowed to settle down by the so called shudras of today. He condemns the heartless killing of Shambuk by Rama and also Eklavya’s sacrifice of his thumb for Dronacharya. Brahminical social norms were forced upon Dalits under the Varna System. Wherein, the atrocities on them continued unabated. The poet categorically mentions various Brahminical norms that debarred the shudras from acquiring the position of power and prestige in the society. Their position was marginalized with no scope of future development.


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