" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : Buddha Sharan Hans
Publisher : Ambedkar Mission
First Edition : 1991
Pages : 32
Price : Rs. 10

The reason for sustenance of undemocratic and discriminatory practices of caste system is Brahmanism. We have to save our nation from growing hatred and oppressive social structure. In order to make their position indubitable and supreme , Brahmins insidiously adopted exclusionary attitudes and made other varnas subordinate. By pitting one community against other, Brahmins deprived them of all opportunities. They enervated common people with fictious religious stories and they could not get rid of sanctimonies. Even Buddhism and Jainism got effected of this tradition . Institutions and literature of Brahmanism hollowed society. The only way, to get rid of all these sanctimonies, is to throw out all these rituals, assiduously nurtured by Hinduism. Scientific temper and scientific knowledge would be of great help in this mission. Temples and Mosques should be replaced by places of public importance. Everyone should contribute in this great mission to provide respect to deprived, for a fortunate future.


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