" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Teen Mahaprani

Booklet: Teen Mahaprani: Brahmanwaad ki Maut ka Warrant
Author: Buddha Sharan Hansa
Publication: Ambedkar Mission Prakashan, Patna Edition: 1st – 1996.
Price: Rs.25.00
Pages: 96
The writer, in this collection of thirteen short stories, appeals to the marginalized communities to educate themselves against the atrocities of Brahminism. He highlights evil practices, which have existed for centuries as a conspiracy to subjugate the Dalits. The laws of Manu were forced upon them to disgrace and humiliate them. This completely thwarted their development. Savaran hypocrisy prevented the lower castes’ entry into temples, but did not hesitate to use God for their narrow interests. They don’t mind praising the lower castes when the need arises. The Vedic rituals performed by Brahmins are nothing but a farce, as their main motive is to gather offerings. The writer questions the Brahmin hegemony in society, which prevents the lower caste people from living a dignified life. Shudra’s property is viewed as a Brahmin domain. All this has infuriated the Dalits, forcing them to convert to Buddhism, where they get back their lost prestige.

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