" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Tab Tumharee Nishta Kya Hotee (What Would Then Be Your Commitment)

Booklet: Tab Tumharee Nishta Kya Hotee (What Would Then Be Your Commitment)
Author: Kanwal Bharti
Publication: Bodhisattva Prakashan, Rampur
Edition: 1st 1996
Price: Rs. 20/-
Pages: 72

The poems depict the blindness of the Brahmanical personalities to sufferings of Dalits, the celebration of Dalit personalities and the appeal to change their outlook for attaining liberation. Vivekanand and Tulsidas, so popular never attacked the system of exploitation within nor sympathized with a section of people, deprived of any past and miserable in their present. Nirala applauds Ram, the killer of Shambook, and is considered progressive. Instead of reposing faith in god and his Brahma who lacks humanism, Dalits need to celebrate fourteenth April, the birth date of Ambedkar. Hinduism worships Dalits but whips Dalits. How can Dalits be loyal to religion that speaks of them as being born from the foot of Brahma? Patriotism cannot be expected form the people living a life of a dog. When a Dalit does not know his position in society, then how can he know about the plans made for his progress? Dalit women lose their beauty at an early age, and thus they are deprived of their aesthetic sense as well. The coming of modernity has exposed the nefarious designs of Brahmanism.The aspirations of dalits need to be celebrated and a commitment made for their fulfillment.


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