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Kyon Brahaman Aarakshan Se Ghrina Karten Hain

Booklet: Kyon Brahaman Aarakshan Se Ghrina Karten Hain
(Why Bramnins Hate Reservation?)
Author: Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy
Translator: Manghi Ram Baudhha
Publication: Bahujan Raj Prakashan, Rajgrih, Pauri Garhwal, U.P.
Edition: 1st – 1999
Price: Rs.15.00
Pages: 40

Communal representation is the right of every nation and its government. Every community must be represented equally in a state in order to put an end to the hierarchical social order. Communal representation would act as a boon in establishing a society of equals. Brahmins, particularly those of Tamil Nandu, are putting innumerable obstacles in its path. For this they do not mind conspiring. The writer emphasizes that to establish a society of equals, population based reservation system must be evolved. Out of 100 people there are only 3 Brahmins. 16% of the populations are Adi Dravidians and 72% are Non-Brahmins. The caste system is a great threat to our social fabric, for which Brahmins are to be blamed substantially. They thwart the progress of the lower castes by blocking their way to education. The government needs to bring about strict legislation to curb the evil motives of Brahmins. They must discourage the use of religious symbols such as janeyu, teeka etc. The high posts occupied by Brahmins, both in the state and at the centre, must be open for equitable distribution. The government must endeavour to establish a just society.


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