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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Kaash Hum Hindu Na Hote (Alas! Had We Not Been Hindu)

Booklet: Kaash Hum Hindu Na Hote (Alas! Had We Not Been Hindu)
Author: Buddha Sharan Hans
Publication: Ambedkar Mission Prakashan, Patna
Edition: 1st 1996
Price: Rs. 20/-
Pages: 70

Neither were we Hindus in the Past nor are we today. We were slaves, outcastes, untouchables, chandals (hybrid) at different phases in history. We dug wells to remain thirsty and tilled land to suffer hunger. We were forced to live outside the area, inhabited by the upper castes. We were born only to serve and drudge; education and wealth were for Brahmans and Kshtriyas only. We were named Harijans- an abusive word for children of devdasis from the temple priests. So, we remain vulnerable to all kinds of atrocities. In changed circumstances, the swagger of Brahmans and Kshtriyas has evaporated. Brahmans are now servants of the State, and Kshtriyas have taken to the occupations of Vaishyas and Sudras. Now we have a guide in Ambedkar and a religion in Buddhism. No treacherous Ram, no deceitful Dronacharya. We are the new Eklavya and Shambook, confident of our future.


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