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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

‘Hindu Mansikta’ (Hindu Mentality)

Booklet: ‘Hindu Mansikta’ (Hindu Mentality)
Author: S.L. Sagar
Publication: Sagar Prakashan, Mainpuri
Edition: 2nd, 1994; Ist- 1992
Price: Rs. 30/-
Pages: 80

Hindu community is most petulant and arcane, manufacturing artificial issues to conceal real ones. They spurned the use of computers, advocated cow protection and ecological balance. Now it is the upper caste in large numbers using computers, owning ‘Dalda’ units that use cow fats, and owning land after felling trees. Their real patriotism is visible in the size of their population working in the foreign countries. Hindus, demolished Buddhist monasteries, but accused Muslims of destroying temples. Killing the upper caste Hindus, but not Dalits, constitutes terrorism. Dalits are looked upon scornfully for capturing the government jobs, but the upper castes are lauded for constructing temples on unauthorized land. When Dalits lost their occupation to the Indian capitalists, all were silent; but on Hindu Vaishya’s dislocation by the Multinationals, Swadeshi is advocated. Pay commissions and raising of the retirement age favour the upper castes. Dalits should come out of their exploited past, and take up arms for social equality. Non-violence is a weapon of cowards.


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