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Dharam- Shoshan Ka Yantra (Religion- Instrument of Exploitation)

Booklet: Dharam- Shoshan Ka Yantra (Religion- Instrument of Exploitation)
Author: A.K. Viswas
Publication: Ambedkar Mission Prakashan, Patna
Edition: 1997
Price: Rs. 20/-
Pages: 47

Brahmans, kings, and zamindars have been complementary to each other in exploiting Sudras and outcastes in India. The Zamindars collected not only the stipulated but also unauthorized taxes for such religious purposes as pilgrimage, temple construction and celebration of festivals. Institution of charity was invented to extort money in the name of redemption from sin and provision of space in heaven. Those who got temples constructed with their wealth were not allowed entry due to their low caste. The temple of Dakhineshwar built by Rasmati, a Sudra woman, is its example. Ramkrishna also followed similar tradition. Many temples, constructed with the money of outcastes became brothels to satiate the concupiscence of Brahmin priests. Some temples became centers of lascivious dance. Females were lured to live in temples to bear children by the priests. Brahminical history overflows with such revelries and pontifications. The onus of liberation from such religious chicanery lies on enlightened leadership.


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