" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Chintak ki Chingariyan

Booklet: Chintak ki Chingariyan
Author: Baldev Prasad chintak
Publication: Basant Lal Rawat, U.P.
Edition: 1995
Price: Rs.08.00
Pages: 28

The poet projects untouchabiltiy as one of the greatest sins of the humankind. The Brahmins are the culprits of the divided Hindu society. They label the outcastes as untouchables, but do not mind getting their work done by them. These people build temples for them, give offerings in the name of god, but despite all this they are treated as untouchables. They use the services of dhobi, nai, mehtar and then reject them as untouchables without giving them their due respect and dignity in the society. He accuses the Brahmins of fragmenting the society into different groups, thereby retarding their growth and development. Humanity says that reject evils like untouchability and maintain peace and brotherhood with one another. Brahmins have been the cause of this country’s destruction since ancient times. Today some Dalits have reached high positions in life and the poet asks others to draw inspiration from them. He specifically asks his Pasi community to uplift themselves towards a better tomorrow.


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