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Brahmavaad Ka Poshak Kaun? (Who Breeds Brahmanism?)

Booklet: Brahmavaad Ka Poshak Kaun? (Who Breeds Brahmanism?)
Author: Udai Narain
Pub: Acchaya Prakashan, Lucknow
Price Rs. 15/-
Pages: 30
Brahmanism is a distortion of the term ‘Brahma’ meaning Truth, accessible to all, without discrimination, hence without Brahmans. The Hindu Varna system based on principles of ‘Karma’ (action), nowhere tells of one group of people as repository of wisdom. But the Brahmans declared themselves to be the repository of gnosis for all ages, on the basis of birth, a philosophy articulated in the Rigveda and the Ramcharita Manas. The Brahmans remained parasitic on the services of outcastes and discouraged their religious conversions. Through their manipulations, they have pulled the outcastes and Muslims into their fold. Akbar didn’t marry an outcaste, nor did he include Ravidas, an outcaste saint, in his group of rattans (jewels). The Muslims wanted forts and army, which Dalits did not have. The Congress, under Gandhi, as well as Muslims further strengthened Brahmanism. Today’s Dalit leaders have also accepted the Brahaminical canopy for their political ends. Lest it should become suicidal for them, they should club with the Backward Castes and Muslims.

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