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Arya Niti ka Bhandaphor (Exposing the Aryan Morality)

Booklet : Arya Niti ka Bhandaphor (Exposing the Aryan Morality)
Author : Gajadar Prasad
Publisher : Bahujan Kalyan Prakashan, Lucknow, 2003
Edition : 1st – 1969 & 15th – 2003
Price : Rs.10.00
Pages : 64

The booklet critically examines customs, cultures and the religious practices of the Aryan invaders. Their lust for wine, women and wealth etc. are evidenced by references in the Vedic scriptures and also in the writings of modern authors. There were no laws to abolish incestuous relations as Brahma married his own daughter Saraswati. Adivasi women were a major target of their sexual urges. Kashi was an important centre of trafficking in women. The Aryans’ love for liquor was so intense that Ram and Sita enjoyed it even during their exile in forests. The Aryans also ate various kinds of flesh, including beef, and used it for religious practices as well. Their division of society into four Varnas later proliferated into forty thousand castes. Their claim of religious tolerance is an empty self-praise in view of their atrocities on the aboriginal people. The exclusion of the downtrodden from the national mainstream is the consequence of their treacherous thought process. The author therefore, calls upon the Bahujan Samaj to unite and realize the dreams of Ambedkar by dismantling such a stultifying religion.


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