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Aadi Vansha Katha (The Story of Original Hindu Inhabitants)

Booklet: Aadi Vansha Katha (The Story of Original Hindu Inhabitants)
Author: Aange Lal
Publication: Bahujan Kalyan Prakashan, Lucknow
Edition: 13th (1st, 1968),
Price: Rs. 10/-
Pages: 48

History of a community is the greatest source of inspiration to its members for progress and happiness. The original inhabitants of India, dubbed as Sudras, have a glorious history from ancient to modern times. Shambook, a contemporary of Ram out-excelled all Brahmin seers in spirituality. Eklavya was superior to Arjun in archery. When Guddhitha’s feast to lakhs failed to Brahmans failed to be acknowledged by the desired result. Ravidas, a medieval saint exposed the purity of Brahmans through his miracles. In modern times, Ambedkar stands at the apex in terms of leadership and guidance to the majority of Indian population, desired as Sudras. Shambook was killed conspirationally by Ram. Eklavya’s thumb was amputed due to Dronacharya’s treachery and envy. Such is the history of greatness and deprivation of outcastes in India. for understanding history, one needs enlightment which is in Buddhism.


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