" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Samajik Nyaya Ke Liye Samajik Shiksha

Booklet : Samajik Nyaya Ke Liye Samajik Shiksha
(Social Education for Social Justice)
Authors : Advocate Ram Khobvagde (Translated from English by
R.K. Revadia)
Publisher : Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
First Edition : 2004
Price : Rs. 40-
Pages : 59

The ganoid of the philosophy of discrimination is first found in Purush Shukta of Rig Veda and this was fully developed in Manusmiriti. Initially there were only three varna. Kshatriyas fought with Brahmins but ultimately, the Brahmins united with mischievous means, overpowered them. Those who supported the Kstriyas were forced to form the fourth and fifth group of India as Ati-shudras. Ambedkar gave them their name. Now it is the responsibility of dalits to continue this legacy which can be accomplished through attainment of education and donation of one percent of their income to uplift dalit. This is what Ambedkar called social debt of dalits. Those who have progressed need not be complement with the status quo. They should continue to arouse the unsoundness of scheme by proving that they were the original inhabitants. In 1996 the Mandal Commission report implementation was a great step towards is but judiciary dominated by Brahmins oblivious of the fact that this action will add various deprived groups in proportion to their population. Dalit need to continue their struggle and only then Ambedkar’s mission will be complete, but this mission could not materialize even after assiduous efforts of saints of the Bhakti movement .


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