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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Buddha Dharm Se Hee Hamaree Antheen Gulami Ka Ant

Booklet: Buddha Dharm Se Hee Hamaree Antheen Gulami Ka Ant
(End of Our Eternal Slavery only through Buddhist Religion)
Author: Sampadak Mandal Bauddha SahityaAcademy
Publisher: Bauddha SahityaAcademy
First Edition: Not Mentioned
Price: Rs. 10/-
Pages: 48

Hinduism is the religion and politics of upper castes through which they came to acquire financial, military and educational power, and deprived the remaining of all freedom and power. Even in the democratic society, they are continuing the same. For a just society, all these powers need dispersal, which is possible only through Buddhism. Ambedkar understood it and that’s why he converted into Buddhism. Life in Buddhism requires certain norms and values, and also means to perform actions at various intervals in life e.g. day to day prayer, performance of death ceremony, celebration of child’s birth, etc. The booklet gives a short account of life style of a Buddhist and codes of conduct to be followed in the marriage of one’s daughter, celebration of Buddhist festivals, pilgrimage to significant seats of this religion, etc.


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