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Bahujano Me Vibhajan Aur Jhhagare Kyon Aur Brahmin Ikkathhe Aur Shasaktimaan Kyon

BOOKLET: Bahujano Me Vibhajan Aur Jhhagare Kyon Aur Brahmin Ikkathhe Aur
Shasaktimaan Kyon
(Why Bahujans remain Divided and Quarrelsome but Brahmins Stay United and Solid)
Writer: Nagesh Chaudhari
Publisher: Bahujan Sangharsh
First Edition: January, 2001
Price: Rs. 5
Pages: 16

Basic problem behind continuous regression of social and economic position of dalits is absence of unity among them along with their self-interest and apathy towards their community. Bahujan organizations are lack of coordination amongst them. We hardly get any significant work of these Ambedkarvadis or other organizations for development of their community. Contrary to this, RSS and other Hindu organizations have a collective goal for which their self-interest in never allowed to interfere. Both Congress and BJP (supporter of RSS) are exploiters of Dalits and they capitalize on the fission and internal quibbling among members of dalit organizations. They always work to obstruct the growth of dalits. The egoistic approach of dalit leaders always strengthened the position of upper castes. Bahujans themselves are responsible for their exclusion. Dalit intellectuals they should take responsibility of integrating and unifying dalits if they want to encounter and attack spurious and insidious principles of dalits. Only then they can face false and injudicious principles of Brahmanism.


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