" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Mahan Bharat Ke Bone Neta

Booklet: Mahan Bharat Ke Bone Neta
Author: Maharaja Singh Bharti
Publisher: Laljipal, Kanpur Dehat
Edition: First- 1994
Price: Rs. 20/-
Pgs.: 88

Islam, Hinduism and Marxism deny liberty to individual through one or other institutional modes, and so all these are irrelevant for India. Industrialization, planning, licensing have added to the problem of the country instead of solving it. Its formulations were not derived from its soil. Policies related to education, language, industrialization have whittled down both the existing sources and resources. Hindus have always remained divided accusing each other instead of undertaking a critical scrutiny of their own social systems. Hinduism preferred to stoop before Muslims but not to Buddhist canons preaching equality and social harmony. It is strange that Hinduism declared Buddha an incarnation although he denied existence of God and soul. Both Buddha and Ambedkar found easier to negate Hinduism than reform it. How can decentralization of power be successful in a caste divided society; even the poors are divided on caste basis. Hinduism is based on worship of individual personality, which produces servitude in human personalities. Congress was based on this kind of morbid mode of personality worship, which in the interest of the country, needs to be contested and corrected.


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