" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Bahujan Samaj Party And Sanrachanatmak Parivartan

BOOKLET: Bahujan Samaj Party And Sanrachanatmak
Parivartan (BSP and Structural Changes)
Writer: Dr. Vivek Kumar
Publisher: Samyak Publication, New Delhi
First Edition: 2004
Pages: 63
Price: Rs. 30

It was after a protracted struggle that dalits of today have succeeds in gaining ascendancy in various social, economic and administrative sectors. They have put a question-mark on explanations of traditional Indian system for their in competency. They have faced many atrocities but continued struggle for achieving this position, which has been snatched by savarnas. Initially dalit leaders were social reformers. But Ambedkar represented dalit community as a minority group and fought for their social , economic and political rights and separate electorate. He developed thought based organizations to achieve this political space. Later, dalits understood the constitution and fought for their constitutional rights. Now they are trying to participate in all political activities to attain a parallel platform. BSP has provided cultural symbols and developed an exclusive dalit culture to overthrow hegemonic Brahmanical culture. By dismantling old popular myths, dalits are now fighting to achieve their self-respect and dignity, resulting in qualitative changes in their role adding to their glory .


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