" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Samman Ka Bantwara

Booklet : Samman Ka Bantwara
(Distribution of Dignity Among Humans)
Authors : Mohan Singh Pushan
Publisher : Rampushan Prakashan, Bijnor, U.P.
First Edition : 1981
Price : Rs. 20/- only
No. of Pages : 136

A glimpsed of past reveals human effort for providing dignity to every human being both with East and the West. Dignity in the sine qua non human existence. Both religion and science have made ceaseless efforts in this direction but unfortunately superstition has come to prevail in all times leading to social and cultural exclusion. Its glaring example is visible in the position of dalits in India. Dalits can get their self- respect only when certain basic spectral changes, long due, are implemented and enlightened Brahmins should also contributed in this. Humanism can furnish only if inter-caste, inter-religious man ways are promoted and protected and dalits are allowed to be head-priests in temples. Every village should have a large community centre where people of all castes and creed mingle with each other. Untouchability cannot be allowed to remain as integral part of Hindu humanism. It is a riddle necessitating early action. Reservation must be extended to hotels and shops which higher caste Hindus visit too as customers. If Hinduism remains passive spectators of anomalies embedded in its sociology, it may wither and its philosophy of god shall prompt only Charlton.


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