" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Samajik Nayaya Banam Vaicharik Kranti

Booklet : Samajik Nayaya Banam Vaicharik Kranti
(Social Justice Verses Intellectual Revolution)
Author : Ashish Kumar Singh
Publisher : Suneeta Prakashan, Lucknow
First Edition : 2001
Price : Rs. 50/- only
No. of Pages : 143

The philosophy of social justice in India was developed and implemented to intervene in tendentious Brahmanical structure in order to a meliorate the conditions of marginalized castes. However, it has failed to bring real revolution as it is confined only to monetary benefits. Both governmental and non governmental agencies use the programmes for unscrupulous appropriation of money. Substantive changes can be brought only through erasing the impact of the past on Indian mind. This is what renaissance in Europe accomplished but the philosophy of bhakti saints and social reformers including Ambedker could not fructify. Religion continues to be most potent force for ushering in intellectual revolution but all religions are full of factionalism and unwarranted violence. Only Ambedker’s religion aims at unifying all depressed. Inspired by his thought, a middle class has come to stay among dalits also. This class can be ideological source for all other dalits to embrace Buddhism and move forward in Indian society.


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