" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Peeda Zo Cheekh Uthee

Booklet : Peeda Zo Cheekh Uthee
(Pain that Shrieked)
Authors : Collection of Dalit Poems by 25 poets
Publisher : Bhartiya Dalit Sahitya Manch, New Delhi
First Edition : 1980
Price : Rs. 25/- only
No. of Pages : 80

A collection of poems of twenty five poets from Western Uttar Pradesh, the booklet focuses on the contribution of Ambedkar to dalit society, their pain and pallid social location and significance of unity, organization and education among dalits. Hindu society is force and its heritage like Taj Mahalis a mere humiliation to poor and down trodden. Since centuries past, no one has every thought of the dreams of a dalit mothers being shattered as her child is destined for drudgery and haggling. An honourles, animal – like left has been their sole possession a soulless existence. All this is because religion was transformed into a privileged profession of few. Concepts hell, heaven, god and gods etc. were transmitted for hegemony of few- a privilege not based on action but on birth. Buddha attempted to moderate this extreme but Brahminism again defiled it. It was the supreme Ambedkar who successfully crusaded to carve out a path of dignity for whose who had been denied every the basic right to enter into the precints of temples but much is yet awaited for liberation of dalits. This is being stated by the shrieks coming from pains of victims.


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