" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Mayavatee aur Dalit Aandolan

Booklet : Mayavatee aur Dalit Aandolan
(Mayavatee and the Dalit Movement)
Authors : Kanval Bharti
Publisher : Ramnika Foundation, New Delhi,
First Edition : 2004
Price : Rs. 50/- only
No. of Pages : 155

The booklet is a critical exposition of contradictions in the politics and ideology of Dalits in attempting to find a respectable place in Hindu society. BSP’s opportunism always pushed it towards BJP, a party of traditional Hindu elites, and Mayawati manipulated Dalits for her personal gains. So it virtually is a conspiracy against them. Dalit rallies are equally deceptive. It mesmerizes Dalits without offering them anything substantive. Its ideology of an anti-Manuism remains elusive. What dalit wants is a revolution, a revolution that gives him economic space before he extends his ambitions for further development. Naturally the capitalist class will never entertain it. As Gandhi betrayed the dalit cause in collision with the rich people, Mayawati, too, became their ally. She diluted the entire philosophical edifice of Ambedkar and subserved it to meet her personal ends. Her propensity of acquiring enormous wealth and honour has turned topsy-turvy the entire philosophy and efforts of Ambedkar.


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